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'Cancer - Your Way'

'Panic Attacks & Anxiety - How to Beat Them'

'Memoirs of a Royal Air Force Oil Rag'

Authors: Bob Blackmore & Richard Hathaway

Published November 2013

ISBN: 978 - 1 - 291 - 11934 - 3 Hardback

ISBN: 978 - 1 - 291 - 72491 - 2 Paperback

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An incredible life that spanned for nearly a century...

Robert Collins Blackmore, or ‘Blackie’ as he was known in the RAF, grew up as a sickly child, but would soon become one of the unsung heroes of World War Two.

  Stricken with family tragedy, the young Blackmore continued with his fascination with anything mechanical, only to find more hardships to follow.

  Honoured with the Atlantic Star for bravery, burned in a freak engine room explosion, and meeting Winston Churchill on a cold and sinister night, are just some aspects of this humble unpresuming man.

  This is the story of one man’s fight for survival, lost love, and an inner strength to knuckle down and get the job done.


‘BANG! - My right knee was torn apart as I was blown past the starboard engine gear lever. I was thrown out of the engine room, over the well deck, and smashed into the cabin entrance.’


Bob Blackmore


Panic Attacks and Anxiety - How to Beat Them' BUY NOW! 

The Number One Bestseller

Are you naturally anxious or suffer from panic attacks? In this revised edition, Richard takes you on a path of self discovery, revealing all the techniques he used to combat his own personal anxiety. He not only explains what panic is all about, but leads the reader through complimentary therapies and mind training to banish this disorder forever. ‘Panic Attacks and Anxiety’ is the must have stress buster for the 21st century.

            ‘Make this day one of the rest of your life’

paperback and eBook format

ISBN: 978 1 291 65733 3 (Paperback)

ISBN: 978 1 291 83166 5 (eBook)

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Praise for ‘Panic Attacks and Anxiety –How to Beat Them’

‘A very useful contribution to human wellbeing.’ – Barry

‘I can honestly say I can see a difference in my life so far...’ - Carly

‘Self help books should be easy to read, and this succeeds in that arena.’ - Abi

‘Well done and sorely needed in this day and age when people are so stressed or in economic frenzy.’ – Amy

‘A very important book for the Panic Attack sufferer.’ - Carl

‘Why was this book not available to me many years ago.’ - Tom

New Book -Available Now

Cancer - Your Way

When a friend phoned to say she’d been diagnosed with cancer for the third time, Richard was invited to help. In this inspiring handbook, the author cuts to the chase, and reveals unique insights to bring a terminal patient from the brink of death, to a place of well-being. -  Cancer Free.

‘Cancer - Your Way’ catalogues this incredible journey, a path of a lone healer and a friend, and along the way uncovers some of the best kept secrets for overcoming this disease. Cancer doesn’t have to be the end; it’s a new beginning to good health.


+ Discover the best kept secrets for overcoming cancer.

+ Learn how to heal on an energetic level.

+ Find out how diet is essential to recovery.

+ An easy to follow plan that saved a terminal cancer patient.

+ 100% safe and works alongside conventional medicine.

+ Utilises nothing more than Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet.

Cancer - Your Way will forever change the way you think, offering the opportunity to see life in a new light, disease free.

Available in paperback and ebook versions Now!.

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ISBN: 978 1 291 91433 7 (Paperback)

ISBN:  978 1 326 06017 6 (eBook)